What is the difference between the real chocolate and the fake one?

We would never like you to taste a fake chocolate or how it is also called a compound chocolate. Unfortunatelly, 90% of the market is now consist of compounds. Vegetable oil (GMO canola/GMO soy) is usually being added to the fake chocolate, or using dairy butter instead of cacao butter. Also the enormous amount of low-quality sugar is used  too. Chocolate Liquor is very likely to be replaced by more cheap and poor in flavours and vitamins Cocao powder.

In our white chocolate, for example, we use real, expensive vanilla (not artificial vanilla flavor/ vanillin), and we do not add any soy. The generous amount of cacao butter we use, melts in your mouth. It is known as a mouth feel. You will feel the significant difference right after you try the first piece of our natural chocolate.

Our White Chocolate:

We use Cold Presse Cacao butter to preserve healthy fats, including essential fatty acids, only high-quality New-Zealand milk, cane sugar, real vanilla.

Our Milk Chocolate:

Chocolate Liquor, high-quality New-Zealand milk, cane sugar.

Dark Chocolate:

Chocolate Liquor, cane sugar.

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